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The Future's now .... The Future's TRIONYX

Here at Trionyx SOS we offer all our clients ‘Quality Without Compromise’ from a company “Where Reputations Matters”.

An experienced training organisation, our extensive portfolio allows us to offer ‘Complete Business Solutions’ to organisations small and large, public or private sector, commercial or voluntary.

Most importantly, we offer our clients total peace of mind.  The peace of mind that comes from over 60 years of hands on training experience. The peace of mind that comes from receiving full and comprehensive support in end to end solutions. The peace of mind that comes from choosing a company accepted as a full member of the British Chamber of Commerce an working with like minded partners.



Trionyx’s SOS can help you ensure you havethe right people on the right path, contributing to your overall success as an organisation.


  • Recruitment and selection tests.
  • Behavioral and competency testing.
  • Management and leadership assessments.


  • Fun.
  • Dynamic.
  • Rewarding.

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