Advanced Sales

The legends of sales live event is unique to Trionyx SOS There is no other event or workshop in the world that offers this level of service and commitment.  With every business having its own unique requirements, our sales approach take the time to understand your markets, your offering and your business aims. So whether you're looking to train just your sales team or to transform your business results with a tailored solution for your entire team, we have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. We've been coaching and training sales people for more than twenty years so whatever your challenge, our range of sales courses can help you to become wold leaders!

Customers have become more and more empowered in recent years and have for some time now held the upper hand when it comes to making purchase decisions. Consumers have taken advantage of technology to evaluate products and services and have been pressurising businesses to deliver a superior experience on an ongoing basis. Understanding today’s customer and delivering them the experience they demand whilst at the same time closing the deal profitably can be extremely challenging, even for the most experienced sales person.

You will learn;

  • The importance of body language
  • How to read customers body language
  • Unique language pattern
  • Prospecting
  • Advanced questioning
  • Need analysis
  • Qualification
  • Advanced solution presentation
  • Matching need and wants with your product
  • Easy closing
  • Follow up and referrals

This award-winning Live Event shows you innovative ways to boost sales performance, master the sales process, engage sales team members and stand out from your competitors. By helping you to understand today’s customer, their journey and their expectation we can ensure you are prepared for this ‘new breed’ of ‘savvy’ consumer. We cover the most current facts about today’s customer and what’s critical to you securing a positive outcome.

** This live event comes with an exclusive audio program**


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