Cat1 Initiative

Revitalising the unemployed & The Region

Objective: The development and operation of a unique and unrivalled program that will help make Yorkshire & Humberside the UK’s market leader in unemployed initiatives through sustainable growth. To make the difference in training & development and to offer a client service that is second to none.


The revitalising process that we believe the Cat 1 initiative will bring is based on the following principles:

The wisdom to make unemployed adults believe that anything’s possible, as long as they truly understand that success resides from within their own actions and behaviours.

  • Taking those first initial steps will always create new opportunities.
  • If the dream’s big enough the facts don’t count.
  • Their present situation is a result of habits and passed conditioning. Understanding that this can be changed.
  • The impossible is there to be achieved.
  • To provide inspiration, energy and wisdom to all, including stakeholders and partners

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