Forward Thinking

Many of the existing businesses in the UK are stagnating. Their growth has slowed down or halted, yet they still have the ambition to grow their businesses. Helping businesses to regain their entrepreneurial perspective and spirit has proven to be a very powerful way of helping them to revitalise and move back onto a sustained growth path. The aim of this proposal is to invigorate and to boost their performance. This will have a very positive impact on the businesses and the economy of the UK.


  • Fully integrated management system using a Blue Print business improvement process
  • Management Level 3 NVQ
  • Leadership & Management coaching
  • Business mentoring
  • Hundreds of new jobs created in the region
  • £100M increased revenue
  • Increased sustainability
  • New market share
  • Business profile raised
  • Robust regeneration model that will replicated across further regions
  • Increased awareness around social responsibility and the impact on the local environment

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